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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  September 1, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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charles glenowcz. >> the lieutenant was a 30 year veteran, decorated police officer, a family man and dear friend. many residents here knew him as gi joe and remember him as someone deeply committed to fox lake, to the profession and to his fellow officers. >> reporter: a little before 8 a.m. police say the officer radioed he was following three suspects who were acting suspiciously. he was chasing them on foot, but then the radio went silent. >> his backup officer arrived on the scene and located him injured with a gunshot wound. >> reporter: he was dead at the scene, his gun nowhere. police began frantically searching around fox lake, illinois, about 50 miles outside of chicago. police were on foot and in the air looking for the three men. >> two whites, one male black, no further description. >> reporter: police warned residents to stay in side. right now police say there are really three parts to this investigation.
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on the one hand, the manhunt that so many of us are watching. on the other hand, they're down at the scene gathering evidence and they're also trying to figure out what exactly led to the shooting in the first place. i'm ellison barber reporting live in the satellite center, wusa9. >> thank you, ellison. the lieutenant had been with the fox lake police department for three decades and is the father of four sons. signs of weakness in the chinese economy sent stocks sliding on this first day of september. the market fell 3% by the closing bell. wall street's third worst drop of the year. the dow lost 469 points to close at 16,058, the s&p 500 down 58, the nasdaq sliding 140 points. has the catholic church moved off its stance on women who have an abortion? pope francis has set off debate on the controversial issue with a recent letter. bruce johnson is live at catholic university where he's been gauging reaction and what are people saying, bruce? >> reporter: we've been in several parts of the city,
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lesli, and it depends on who you're talking to. i can say this. this is still a very conservative pope, but there is definitely a softer tone that's come out of the vatican. take a listen. >> i think that it's definitely a very good step forward for the church. >> reporter: on the campus of georgetown university it's the day before classes resume. >> we go through the years like the church is starting to, you know, change some of their views. >> reporter: the students at the jesuit run institution have already read about and formed opinions on what francis had to say about catholic women who have abortions. >> i think it's a more progressive thing to do and i think it reflects the reality of a lot of women these days who do, you know, use birth control or go through abortions. >> reporter: francis says in the letter he would allow all priests to formally forgive women who have had abortions and seek absolution. >> i think it's a great step for the catholic church and i think it will improve the relationship with women. >> reporter: the catholic
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church has taught in the past abortion is a sin that could be ground for excommunication. >> there's not a shift because the church continues to recognize the great injustice that is the surge of abortion. >> reporter: will -- sin of abortion. >> reporter: william addison is dean of theology at catholic university. >> bishops have allowed priests to hear confessions regarding the sin of abortion already. so this is already happening. the new mountains is the pope said -- new news is the pope said let's do this throughout the universal church. >> reporter: as a footnote to all this noted jesuit priest tom reese who is in india right now and is a good friend of ours and commented on things in the past in, response to a text message on what the pope had to say about abortion, tom writes this is consistent with his view that the church should be like a field hospital, carrying for the woundedden and not condemning people, back to you guys. >> well, that's definitely an interesting thought there, bruce, thank you.
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and pope francis will be here in washington from september 22nd through the 24th. he would got an entire section dedicated to his visit on our new wusa9 app. that's where you'll find everything from the pope's edge and you'll to the issues -- pope's address and you'll here the issues that will be discussed. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> meteorologist topper shutt is here now. >> our first days of meteorological fall and it feels like we're in the throes of summer now, 90 in manassas, 91 downtown, actual temperatures. factor in the humidity, it does go up a little bit, still feels like 96 downtown, 95 in leesburg, 93 in manassas. on the futurecast 10:00 tonight walking the dog, taking a walk after dinner 80 to downtown, 70s in the suburb.
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by 9 a.m. we're still 81 downtown with upper 70s in the burbs. we'll come back, talk about if our chances increase for thunderstorms and look ahead to the holiday weekend. the 7th grade girl shot twice during a drive-by shooting in southwest sunday is back home today calling for an end to this cycle of violence in our city. taije chambliss was hit by two bullets during a drive-by targeting somebody else on sunday as she was sitting on a neighbor's stoop doing a young girl's hair. police are looking for a blue sedan and there may be three suspects. taije says they should all be captured soon. >> i want them to be caught because gun violence is ridiculous and it can be anybody else's child next and they might get shot and not live. i'm just happy to live.
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[ audio difficulties ] >> first district police headquarters is where she lives near. the crime is going crazy. three frederick county sheriff's deputies disputing the state's medical examiner's conclusion that a man with downs syndrome died from asphyxia as they struggled to pull him out of a movie theater. >> the evidence shows 26-year- old robert ethan saylor probably died from an underlying medical problem. in addition to the asphyxia finding, the autopsy noted that saylor was obese and had heart and lung problems. the off-duty deputies tried to remove him from a frederick theater back in 2013 because he did not have a ticket. saylor's family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the deputies, the state of maryland and that shopping mall. the parents -- audio
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difficulties ] a family alleges a loaded service weapon was left in a backpack in plain view in his car when it was stolen in june and that pistol was later used to kill katheryn steinle. the sheriff's department and department of homeland security was blamed for failing to keep the accused shooter in custody. joshua royine was arrested sunday after he turned on the blue flashing lights in his pontiac g6 and tried to pull over another car on sudley manor drive. turns out that vehicle was driven by an off-duty prince william county police officer on his way home from work. so rocine is charged with internallating a police officer and -- impersonating a police officer and is out on bond. he could face a year in jail if convicted. white house staff member barbetta singletary was charged
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with firing a gun in the general vicinity of an off-duty capital police officer that she invited to her home. the man was not hit. it happened earlier this month when singletary got into a dispute with officer reginald cleveland over other women. she went to his vehicle, grabbed his service weapon, went back inside the home and fired the gun. singletary is currently free on bond. two iowa men charged with threatening violence at the world pokemon championships in boston will be held without bail and in prison at least four months. a judge ruled the men posed a danger to society and said their online threats were not just kid stuff on the computer. you see, when the cops caught up with these guys, they found a 12 gauge shot gun, an ar15 rifle and hundreds of rounds of ammunition in their car. a missouri man sent to life in prison without parole on a marijuana-repeated charge is a
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free man. the man served 21 years in a missouri prison. he is now 62 years old. at the time of his drug conspiracy conviction life sentence was allowed under missouri law for repeat drug offenders. governor nixon commuted in sentence in may. he was granted parole last month. coming up the feud between donald trump and jeb bush appears to be intensifying, also ahead a close call for construction workers on a college campus. >> but up next president obama >> but up next president obama is just one vote away from
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president obama now just one vote away from withstanding a congressional challenge to his nuclear deal with iran. today the 32nd and 33rd senators publicly supported the deal. he need 34 votes to uphold a presidential veto of republican legislation that would disapprove the deal. republican presidential candidates donald trump and jeb bush back at it again today trading shots on each other. while campaigning in miami bush said trump only resorts to insults because he can't talk about issues and that if you don't agree with him, you're an idiot. in response trump tweeted yet another weak hit by a candidate with a failing campaign. three people are dead after their house caught fire this morning in tampa. the victims, a grandmother and her two young grandsons just 10 and 3. another boy is in
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critical condition. firefighters say the bars on the windows of the homemade it hard for the family to escape. six workers were injured when indoor practice facilities under construction collapsed on the campus of bryant university. that is in smithfield, rhode island. authorities say the victims fell about 30 feet and became trapped beneath the falling steel. those injured workers were taken to the hospital with known life threatening injuries. -- nonlife threatening injuries. >> reporter: . up next family and friends
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in virginia close family and friends laughed and cried as they said a final good-bye to the slain wdbj photographer 207-year-old adam ward. his funeral service -- 27-year- old adam ward. his funeral service took place at the baptist church in roanoke this afternoon. supporters stood outside holding banners and signs. a long time wdbj reporter tells
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us the two made a lasting impact on the entire wdbj team. >> they were youthful, enthusiastic. they went about their jobs in the best way they could. they lived their personal lives in just a beautiful way and i think we're all going to look to them as an example as we try to find our better selves. >> even police from different area departments came to pay their respects to ward and his family. a private funeral service for alison parker will be held at a later date. a county clerk in kentucky is still refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. >> all this despite a supreme court ruling back in june declaring same sex marriage is legal everywhere and a federal judge directed her to issue those licenses, but she still says no. here's craig boswell of. >> reporter: a court clerk in kentucky has been -- craig boswell. >> reporter: a court clerk in kentucky has been ordered to
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face a federal judge for refusing to issue a marriage license to same sex couples. rowan county court clerk kim davis released a statement saying to issue a marriage license which conflicts with god's definition of marriage with my name affixed to the certificate would violate my conscious. it is not a light issue for me. it is a henne or hell -- a heaven or hell decision. the engaged couple were denied a license for a fourth time tuesday. >> this isn't about belief anymore. i have beliefs, too but i would never impose my beliefs on somebody else's right. >> the supreme court has made its decision. that is the law of the land and that trumps every state, county decision in this case. >> reporter: attorney debbie heinz says the court has already addressed religious objections. >> i don't see any legal pathway for it. >> reporter: kim davis says she knows she could face fines and jail time for refusing to comply with the law. craig boswell, cbs news, the
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supreme court. >> davis' six deputy clerks have also been ordered to appear in court on thursday. tonight thousands of people in the phoenix area are waiting for the power to come back on. a monsoon storm there knocked over trees and utility poles, damaged buildings and stopped flights at the local airport more than an hour. the storm got moving in last night. at the height of it radar showed rain falling of a rate up to 3 inches an hour. at last check there were no reports of serious deaths or should i say deaths or serious injuries. deaths are always serious. >> that's right. that's a look at how september sort of came into phoenix. it's starting pretty hot here. >> it is. august started out hot and we ended up okay. sent starting out hot, see how -- september starting out hot, see how it end up. let's talk about the september almanac. this is kind of cool, always do this the 1st of the month or close as we can get. average high today is only 84 and 67, but the end of the
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month 75 and 57, average precip 3 3/4, highest and lowest temperature recorded 104 and 36, pretty big range for september. live look outside, still 90, dew point up to 71 from 64, a little uncomfortable, relative humidity 54%. that's not a good thing. so muggy tonight, lows in the 70s downtown. bus stop temperatures muggy, dry tomorrow, a little early fog, temperatures 68 to 80 and hot with some thunderstorms on wednesday, 90s staying through thursday at least. we might technically hit 90 friday. it's going to be close. we'll see how many clouds and how many storms develop. 10:00 tonight, low 80s downtown, 70s in leesburg, 76 in manassas and fairfax, rockville, toasty by 10:00 tonight. by 6 a.m. primarily low 70s in the suburbs, mid-70s downtown. by 9:00 81 downtown, 77 in
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hagerstown, toasty for september. by 1:00 we're seeing some showers on futurecast to the west, cumberland, romney, petersburg and we expect that west of i-81. by 5:30 a couple showers and storms in parts of the immediate metro area either side of culpeper perhaps and see a little yellow and orange there, heavier downpour, still 90 by 5:30 tomorrow evening in frederick. on the day planner 76 at 7:00, 81 by 9:00, 87 by 11:00 and 90 already by 1 p.m. so some storms tomorrow, a few storms thursday, low to mid-90s both days, much better chance of storms on friday, near 90. we'll watch thursday carefully. we've got the game at fedex and nats back in town as well. next seven days, the terps in town on saturday hosting the spiders, just a slight chance of a sprinkle, but only 85, only 86 on sunday, labor day 88 with sunshine and 90 with sunshine next tuesday. we are all wondering what the redskins are going to look like now that there's a
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different guy at quarterback. >> it's the cousins team now. >> we saw glimpses of him last year, but we'll have to see what he can do with the start and the confidence. this new era has begun in ♪
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> with the big announcement out of the way the redskins can focus on preparing not only for thursday's final preseason game buthe start of the regular season. now it's all about finding that chemistry between kirk cousins and that first string offense.
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today frank hanrahan talked with some veterans to find out if things would be different or stay the same with cousins at the helm. >> reporter: so what, if anything, will change on the offensive side of the football for the washington redskins with kirk cousins now, the starter? >> he's familiar with the offense. he's been in the system, you know, and it's not like you're dealing with a guy that's not familiar with the players or the organization. he's been here. he's been around here. he's going to be all right. he'll do a good job. >> reporter: the emphasis in training camp and in preseason was getting the ground attack going for the redskins to take pressure off then starting quarterback robert griffin, iii. now that he's been benched and kirk cousins is the starter, don't expect, though, things to change when it comes to the offensive mindset on running the football. >> our offensive is based off the run and opening up everything else off of that, but we're still going to call the same plays we've called and keep moving forward, definitely running the ball first our
6:26 pm
identity and then open it up with our receivers and tight ends. >> reporter: now, of course, we won't see kirk cousins start until the opener september 13th home against the miami dolphins. the backup for now colt mccoy gets to start thursday night in the final preseason game against jacksonville in fedex field. in ashburn at redskins park frank hanrahan, wusa9 sports. 29 years ago this week the iron man himself cal ripken broke lou gehrig's record for most consecutive games played. tonight the baltimore orioles are honoring cal in a pregame ceremony. the 1995 season followed a strike which saw the world series get canceled and the excitement of watching cal inch closer brought many fans back to the game. may be 20 years, but sometimes it feels like yesterday. >> i guess i'm a person sitting back in a rocking chair thinking this is what it was like when i played.
6:27 pm
it's a real clear memory. in other ways it's 20 years and feels like it might have been another lifetime and it almost seems a little surreal that you look back on it. >> a very cool moment that a lot of people in this area remember. >> i remember like it was 20 years ago. >> that's it for us. the cbs evening news is ne
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>> pelley: after the seismic plunge in august, september begins with an aftershock. the dow falls nearly 470 poants. also tonight, another cop ambushed. the manhunt is on for the killers. a clerk versus the supreme court. she refuses to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples. >> under whose authority? >> under god's authority. >> pelley: and diversity on another court. making tennis more open. >> i think it's very important because you're seeing something different. >> pelley: well, just when it looked like wall street was putting itself back together again, retirement nest eggs took another great fall. the dow industrials


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